Innovative business ideas: 3 D printer created from e-waste

Veröffentlicht in Ghana

E-wasteSadly, West Africa has become home to many dumping grounds for electronic waste from the US and Europe. On these dumping sites, usable spare parts and equipment are mixed with poisonous waste. At the same time, West Africa has a rich tradition of thinkers, tinkerers and artisans who are skilled at making products from salvaged resources.

Kodjo Afate Gnikou from Togo was clever enough to combine these two facts. He built the world’s first a 3 D printer out leftover parts  from old computers, printers and scanners that he found on local dumping sites.


Creating sustainable technological solutions out of environmental problems might not always work, but in this case it did and it might inspire others to create other high tech projects and products with what one has at ones hands.

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